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  • Marley Park celebrates first Oktoberfest

    September 19 marked Marley Barley's first Oktoberfest celebration, and this was no standard monthly meeting! Marley Barley takes their fun seriously, with the addition of life-size games including Jenga, Ker-plunk, Battleship, Bags and of course, not to be left out, Beer Pong and also Das Boot!

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Community News
City of Surprise notice regarding Bullard Avenue
The City of Surprise has set a course to resolve Bullard Avenue roadway issues and enhance citizen notification on future city projects. Read the notice released by the city.
MPCA Seal for newsFall 2015 edition of Marley Park Matters
Read the latest edition of Marley Park Matters. You can also pick up a copy at the Heritage Club or Pool House.
DLC LogoLandscape News: August Landscape Happenings
The return of cooler temperatures marks a major milestone for turf landscape in the desert. It’s the time that those who want to maintain green turf in parks and lawns through the winter need to overseed Bermuda grass with winter Ryegrass.
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Community Updates

Marley Park Special Service Area

The Marley Park Community Association, Inc. has contracted with Certa-Pro Painters to begin painting October 5 through late fall on specific Paired Units within the Marley Park Special Service Area (“MPSSA”).

Certa-Pro Painters plans to paint the exterior of selected Units along with painting the decorative iron on all Units within the MPSSA. Decorative iron includes the original iron detail on the home such as: guard railing, metal portion of gates, window baskets and cross bars. Painting of decorative iron commences when exterior Unit painting is complete.

Owners of the Units selected for painting have been informed and advance notice for the start of decorative iron painting will be provided once the timeline for completion is established.

Marley Park

Please contact Kristen Fuller, Operations Coordinator at or 623-806-1525 to schedule a time to pick up your key fob.  The MPCA Operations Office is located at 13286 N. Founders Park Blvd.  

Community Emergencies

For community emergencies after hours that include incidents at the Heritage Club and Heritage Pool House that threaten loss of property without immediate action, please call 866-842-7570. For irrigation or landscape emergencies after hours, please call DLC Resources, Inc. at 602-241-1600. For all other emergencies, dial 911.